• Domotics Quality Label

    The “Domotics Quality Label” is a national and voluntary initiative for installers and manufacturers of domotics systems. Based on a qualitative system, the label is underpinned by a procedure and chart to be met by installers and manufacturers.

    One of the objectives of the quality label is to set up a database containing a list of competent and professional domotics installers, who stand out (in an emerging market) for their expertise in the field. The domoticselectrician thus becomes a sure value on the market. In order to guarantee the professionalism and know-how of the installers, the label requires sound commercial and technical training, along with annual monitoring.

    The labelled installers appear on a reference list, along with the manufacturers of domotics equipment that participate in the label. This essential list is sent to design offices, construction companies, architects… Anyone can consult this list on www.tecnolec.be.

    TECNOLEC Wallonie-Bruxelles and TECNOLEC Vlaanderen-Brussel constantly oversee the organisation in charge of allocating the label to the installers and manufacturers who meet the set conditions. This organisation supervises the contents of the qualitative system in a neutral and independent way.

    In short, the “Domotics Quality Label” provides the sector with a solid endorsement. The prejudices are gradually disappearing and domotics is no longer considered to be just a gadget. The market becomes transparent, thanks to an exhaustive survey of the domotics systems and competent (and labelled) installers.

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